OCPM supports two different object-centric process mining algorithms (OC-DFG and object-centric Petri nets), with the possibility to reduce the complexity of the model and/or to add filters.
OCPM supports conformance checking using declarative rules and/or on the lifecycle of objects. Hence, object-centric processes can be checked using OCPM. Moreover, querying possibilities on top of an advanced feature extraction permits to check even more advanced properties.

Advanced statistics and machine learning capabilities (e.g., anomaly detection, dimensionality reduction) are included in OCPM. Analyze your multiple viewpoint process from any viewpoint!


Powered by PM4JS and ProM

OCPM is based on the object-centric features offered by the library PM4JS.
See the documentation page of PM4JS to learn how to integrate these features in your application.
Also, a plugin in the ProM framework (OCELStandard) is available offering support for process discovery, filtering and flattening.


Main Developer

Alessandro Berti